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no hills.... but a frost bitten toe

Here in Colquitt, GA. At the Miller County Liberal, It's the local paper. They were told about me passing thru. Meet Wanda who interviewed me we had a nice chat. She had asked me where I was going to stay tonight, I told her that I wanted to visit the city for a day or so, so I would go out of town for the night and find a place to camp, then come back for the day. Well it was going to be another cold night and the temp. was going to drop in the low 30s, so she made a few calls and got me set up at a hotel, with the help of the local minister. Much love if I must say.

Well lets see what has happen over the past few days, well as I said in my last post it was going to rain and needed to get to the next town to take shelter. Well the rain never failed me, so as I got into Cuthbert, GA and it started to drizzle. So grabbed a cup of coffee and had to make a decision if I was going to take US27 or go detour on SR216, well 216 would cut off a day or so of travel and still take me into Colquitt. Then get back onto US27 and take that into Tallahassee. Plus was getting a little tired of US27 and thought a different road would be good for the soul. So has I was going to get on 216, this older gentleman, Leonard stopped and told me the way to go. So we chatted a for a few minutes. He then took off, so as I was going down to get onto 216 he then stopped and told me that I could get onto 216 and be on my way or come to his house for some hot soup. I thought he was about 50, but turned out he's 76, so much energy. Had some chicken soup with cluster of oats cereal for crackers, was interesting and tasted pretty good. So he showed me the extra room with shower and we talked a bit more. The one thing he asked me was that I don't shoot him with his guns in the middle of the night. Also meet Kim that night at CVS, was a interesting meeting, and I know there's going to be more to that meeting down the road.

So we parted ways and then headed down the road and passed Mt. Hebron Church. Stopped for service and was nice, the pastor told that I could use the friendship hall to sleep for the night. Let me tell you 2 hot showers in a row, now thats living. So we had a nice chat and then needed to get back onto the road, well got everything packed up and noticed a flat tire on my cart. I knew this one was going to come, was just like my first I think the valve was shot so. Also before I forget, the other night... of all places... south GA.. of all places got a small case of FROSTBITE. My right toe next to my big on, the tips was black. I just thought the pain was just a callus, but as I cleaned up at Leonards place, that morning I saw that it was black. So went to the hospital and asked the nurse if I should worry about it. She said no, that since it's nice a big frostbite that it will just fall off. So I went to CVS and got some supplies so If I have to do field surgery, I can do it and keep it clean.

So last night found a field that I could set up camp, since it was going to drop down real cold, and let me tell you that it did drop real cold. But all is good and packed up about 11:30 this morning and got back onto the road. Well as I was just getting into Colquitt, this farmer stopped to read my sign. We talked a few, then I'm on my way. Well down the road ran into him again and he told me that the local paper wanted to talk to me. So here I am..

Going to do another update tomorrow, but just wanted to get this out.

until next time... peace

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Dec. 5th, 2009 06:15 pm (UTC)

Was good to have met you. Godspeed on the rest of your journey. If we might be of any further assistance in miller county, just give us a holler. Sorry to read about the incident at that one church. Bike safely.

In Christ,

Benjamin Miller
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