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almost there

I'm in Cross City, FL now. This will probably be my last update until I get to my destination. Internet will be far and few between.

Now onto my trip.... Well meet 3 bikers and I got into Perry, and another one this morning. The one this morning was coming from northern CA and going to Key West. The 3 yesterday and this afternoon are coming from AL to southern FL. Slept at an abandon fire watch tower last night. Got woke up from some guys... Looks like they were doing some stuff that they shouldn't, so I decided its time to go. But my health is doing o.k., my legs are starting to feel it and my wrist and knuckles are me, but I march on..

Well going to go and hit the road..

until next time... peace

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Dec. 14th, 2009 06:51 pm (UTC)
wow, no comment on the last comment. so don, how are u? i pray everything is going well. and i hope ur praying too. i am hoping ur trip is good 4 ur mind, soul, and body. i have been fine, just going to church a lot lately. hope to hear from u soon, God bless. kim
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