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Florida... Florida... Florida

Made it to Tallahassee last night, so decided to rest for the night. Could of gone about 60 or so miles, but wanted to see the halls of corruption during the day. Looks like I have about 200 or so miles left. Its going to be a bitter sweet end of my trip, in one sense I don't want it to end.. but its been 2 months and I need to bring this trip to a end. Tried to update my log earlier bit the powers that be kept it from happening.

My toe is doing o.k., but got bitten by a few fire ant on my right ankle, so now that's bothering me. Let me tell you... for such a small insect, they sure do let you know that size doesn't matter. As I have going south, Florida's road are treating me pretty good. But time will tell... Looks like Tallahassee is going to be the last big city I hit. Going to see if I can get a 75 mile day in, probably will attempt that tomorrow.

So lets see since I left Colquitt, well must say thanks to Ben for setting me up with the motel, let me tell you when you can take 3 hot showers in 4 days that's called living. Enjoyed the city as I toured it for a few hours, but then had to be on my way. Since I was trying to get to Florida fast, didn't really stop and see the sights. Well the other night as I set up my tent for the rain and hard frost, the wild boars kept waking me up. So had to stick my head out and scream at them.

Well made it to Florida in one piece and was so happy to see the sign that said "Welcome to Florida" gave it a kiss and then took a little break. Now I have a new enemy to deal with and that is going to be the sand. Wonder how my bike and such is going to hold up. Looks like I will have to do more routine maintenance with keeping the gears and chain clean. Its only a few hundred miles so I don't foresee any real problems, but you never know. I think I left my nice pair of The North Face gloves at Mt. Hebron Baptist, but am trying to contact them. Don't know of a way, don't really find a mailing address or phone. So I'm hoping that someone reads this and sends me a email.

Well looks like it's going to rain now, so I hate to cut this short but need to do my visit and then get ready to leave to the outer side of Tallahassee and then do a update tomorrow.

until next time... peace

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Dec. 8th, 2009 07:45 pm (UTC)
hi don...ur friend kim.
hi how are u doing? it was so nice u mentioned me in ur journal. thank u. i pray that u were serious about what u said. i have been thinking and praying for u. i hope all is well. so u made it to florida. good 4 u! i am so happy for u. so did u think about what i said in my last comment? well, 4 me all is well. just been real busy with church. hope to hear from u soon.


P.S. i looked up the number to Mt. Hebron Baptist Church. i pray this is the right number: 904-269-4811 or 352-332-1283.
Dec. 8th, 2009 07:59 pm (UTC)
sorry wrong number...
kim again, if u were talking about the Mount Hebron Baptist Church on Hwy 27 then that number is 229-732-6386. if u need to get n touch with me my number is 229-310-5175. hope to hear from u soon....kimberly
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