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the towns get smaller

Looks like there is going to be a little rain today. The sky looks somewhat OK, but the forecast shows different. If there is going to be rain it looks manageable nothing wrong with a light mist and the radar shows that it should only last a hour or so. Now Wednesday is another story, going to be a down pour then good for a week or so. Wednesday will be the time I wonder why I took the trip but it's all good.

So I made a choice to get out of Columbus last night, thought I was going to find a nice place to camp. But was wrong for almost 20 miles or so was Fort Benning and there was no way I was going to try to camp on Govt. land and even more without any ID.. so kept on trucking. Passed this tattoo place and walked in wanting a few stickers for my bike, the place was Superior Skin Art, Vincent the resident piercer hooked me up. Then I headed back in to ask him about my tongue piercing and if it will close up. He went back and came out to hook me up with 2 barbells. Much love to him.

So then I headed down the road and stopped at a Sonic drive-in. I parked my bike and the workers thought I was crazy, well that is to be determined as of yet. So I stopped and ordered a bacon cheese burger meal. Asked the lady if they have a window tray that I can use on my bike, she just laughed. So I enjoyed my meal and chatted with a few people. So got back on the road and headed south, passed along and really couldn't find a place to rest. Was thinking to myself "Man am I glad the hills are done with". Well I guess I haven't learned much from the trip and not to think about things, cause the hills came back to me and not just a few, a ton of them. Was tired and my legs were killing me, but had no choice but to get to the next town so I moved ahead.

Got into the small town called Cusseta and located a small church. So I headed over and stopped for the night, well was awoken about 9ish by the local law. They didn't really give me much hassle, but also let me know that Florida is AWAITING and calling me and it would be best to answer that call. So lucky there is a library right next door, so here I am. It's a small one but a nice one at that and to the people of this small city, it's all they have. So much love to all the Library's around this country. Well It's getting darker outside so I better bring this update to a end. Will find a place to take shelter for a few hours till the storm passes then get to a town that I can take shelter for a day. Has to be out of this county, don't feel like dealing with the local sheriffs again.

until next time... peace

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Dec. 3rd, 2009 08:25 pm (UTC)
your friend kim from cuthbert.
hi don, i met u at the cvs in cuthbert, ga on 12/2/09. i was so impressed by your kind and humble demeanor. i have to say u r unique. and after reading ur posts, i am more impressed. i will try and keep in touch. i am still praying that all goes well with u, ur journey and ur life. u can email me at lashune28229@yahoo.com
be safe...kim
Dec. 3rd, 2009 08:44 pm (UTC)
just thinking...
another wonderful way u can meet some good american folk...and some bad. (lol) is to accept ur call as a man of the cloth (AKA) A PREACHER. when u start doing this, how about coming to our church to evangelize. that's what u r doing now Don, evangelizing throughout the U.S. u know that don't u? ur trip is nothing more than ur desire to reach people in a positive way. u see the good in people and that's wonderful because i'm the same way, sometimes to my own hurt. ironically, the only place u feel safe is at a church, where God's Spirit dwells and whom Jesus is the Head. u know He will protect u there, right? u can't run from it. well u have been but u didn't in another respect because u r still doing the same thing. evangelizing. i just go on and on. think about what i said....ur friend from cuthbert, ga...kim
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