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i know.. i know...

i know i spoke of posting a last and final entry about my trip... and i am working on it... but to put the trip into final words.. when really the trip is still happening and hard to find a end... for the trip and what i was to achieve... is still happening...

but soon...

until next time... peace


Well sorry about the delay, was having problems with my laptop. But I did reach my destination in one piece, body and mind.

I will leave a better update and such tomorrow and get back to the people that I have promised to contact. Much love to all, and to all I have meet..

Until next time... peace

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almost there

I'm in Cross City, FL now. This will probably be my last update until I get to my destination. Internet will be far and few between.

Now onto my trip.... Well meet 3 bikers and I got into Perry, and another one this morning. The one this morning was coming from northern CA and going to Key West. The 3 yesterday and this afternoon are coming from AL to southern FL. Slept at an abandon fire watch tower last night. Got woke up from some guys... Looks like they were doing some stuff that they shouldn't, so I decided its time to go. But my health is doing o.k., my legs are starting to feel it and my wrist and knuckles are me, but I march on..

Well going to go and hit the road..

until next time... peace

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Florida... Florida... Florida

Made it to Tallahassee last night, so decided to rest for the night. Could of gone about 60 or so miles, but wanted to see the halls of corruption during the day. Looks like I have about 200 or so miles left. Its going to be a bitter sweet end of my trip, in one sense I don't want it to end.. but its been 2 months and I need to bring this trip to a end. Tried to update my log earlier bit the powers that be kept it from happening.

My toe is doing o.k., but got bitten by a few fire ant on my right ankle, so now that's bothering me. Let me tell you... for such a small insect, they sure do let you know that size doesn't matter. As I have going south, Florida's road are treating me pretty good. But time will tell... Looks like Tallahassee is going to be the last big city I hit. Going to see if I can get a 75 mile day in, probably will attempt that tomorrow.

So lets see since I left Colquitt, well must say thanks to Ben for setting me up with the motel, let me tell you when you can take 3 hot showers in 4 days that's called living. Enjoyed the city as I toured it for a few hours, but then had to be on my way. Since I was trying to get to Florida fast, didn't really stop and see the sights. Well the other night as I set up my tent for the rain and hard frost, the wild boars kept waking me up. So had to stick my head out and scream at them.

Well made it to Florida in one piece and was so happy to see the sign that said "Welcome to Florida" gave it a kiss and then took a little break. Now I have a new enemy to deal with and that is going to be the sand. Wonder how my bike and such is going to hold up. Looks like I will have to do more routine maintenance with keeping the gears and chain clean. Its only a few hundred miles so I don't foresee any real problems, but you never know. I think I left my nice pair of The North Face gloves at Mt. Hebron Baptist, but am trying to contact them. Don't know of a way, don't really find a mailing address or phone. So I'm hoping that someone reads this and sends me a email.

Well looks like it's going to rain now, so I hate to cut this short but need to do my visit and then get ready to leave to the outer side of Tallahassee and then do a update tomorrow.

until next time... peace

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no hills.... but a frost bitten toe

Here in Colquitt, GA. At the Miller County Liberal, It's the local paper. They were told about me passing thru. Meet Wanda who interviewed me we had a nice chat. She had asked me where I was going to stay tonight, I told her that I wanted to visit the city for a day or so, so I would go out of town for the night and find a place to camp, then come back for the day. Well it was going to be another cold night and the temp. was going to drop in the low 30s, so she made a few calls and got me set up at a hotel, with the help of the local minister. Much love if I must say.

Well lets see what has happen over the past few days, well as I said in my last post it was going to rain and needed to get to the next town to take shelter. Well the rain never failed me, so as I got into Cuthbert, GA and it started to drizzle. So grabbed a cup of coffee and had to make a decision if I was going to take US27 or go detour on SR216, well 216 would cut off a day or so of travel and still take me into Colquitt. Then get back onto US27 and take that into Tallahassee. Plus was getting a little tired of US27 and thought a different road would be good for the soul. So has I was going to get on 216, this older gentleman, Leonard stopped and told me the way to go. So we chatted a for a few minutes. He then took off, so as I was going down to get onto 216 he then stopped and told me that I could get onto 216 and be on my way or come to his house for some hot soup. I thought he was about 50, but turned out he's 76, so much energy. Had some chicken soup with cluster of oats cereal for crackers, was interesting and tasted pretty good. So he showed me the extra room with shower and we talked a bit more. The one thing he asked me was that I don't shoot him with his guns in the middle of the night. Also meet Kim that night at CVS, was a interesting meeting, and I know there's going to be more to that meeting down the road.

So we parted ways and then headed down the road and passed Mt. Hebron Church. Stopped for service and was nice, the pastor told that I could use the friendship hall to sleep for the night. Let me tell you 2 hot showers in a row, now thats living. So we had a nice chat and then needed to get back onto the road, well got everything packed up and noticed a flat tire on my cart. I knew this one was going to come, was just like my first I think the valve was shot so. Also before I forget, the other night... of all places... south GA.. of all places got a small case of FROSTBITE. My right toe next to my big on, the tips was black. I just thought the pain was just a callus, but as I cleaned up at Leonards place, that morning I saw that it was black. So went to the hospital and asked the nurse if I should worry about it. She said no, that since it's nice a big frostbite that it will just fall off. So I went to CVS and got some supplies so If I have to do field surgery, I can do it and keep it clean.

So last night found a field that I could set up camp, since it was going to drop down real cold, and let me tell you that it did drop real cold. But all is good and packed up about 11:30 this morning and got back onto the road. Well as I was just getting into Colquitt, this farmer stopped to read my sign. We talked a few, then I'm on my way. Well down the road ran into him again and he told me that the local paper wanted to talk to me. So here I am..

Going to do another update tomorrow, but just wanted to get this out.

until next time... peace

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mmmm loved the rain

It's been a few days and alot as happen. I am using the library computer and they are going to close soon, but will do a better update tomorrow. I have made it to Edison, GA, and looks like I have about 375 miles left to go. But who knows.....

I should be at the Florida state boarder in two days, but who knows. Looks like the mountains and hills are pretty much behind me and am getting some good speed

Well I know this is short but when you gotta go you need to go.

until next time... peace

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the towns get smaller

Looks like there is going to be a little rain today. The sky looks somewhat OK, but the forecast shows different. If there is going to be rain it looks manageable nothing wrong with a light mist and the radar shows that it should only last a hour or so. Now Wednesday is another story, going to be a down pour then good for a week or so. Wednesday will be the time I wonder why I took the trip but it's all good.

So I made a choice to get out of Columbus last night, thought I was going to find a nice place to camp. But was wrong for almost 20 miles or so was Fort Benning and there was no way I was going to try to camp on Govt. land and even more without any ID.. so kept on trucking. Passed this tattoo place and walked in wanting a few stickers for my bike, the place was Superior Skin Art, Vincent the resident piercer hooked me up. Then I headed back in to ask him about my tongue piercing and if it will close up. He went back and came out to hook me up with 2 barbells. Much love to him.

So then I headed down the road and stopped at a Sonic drive-in. I parked my bike and the workers thought I was crazy, well that is to be determined as of yet. So I stopped and ordered a bacon cheese burger meal. Asked the lady if they have a window tray that I can use on my bike, she just laughed. So I enjoyed my meal and chatted with a few people. So got back on the road and headed south, passed along and really couldn't find a place to rest. Was thinking to myself "Man am I glad the hills are done with". Well I guess I haven't learned much from the trip and not to think about things, cause the hills came back to me and not just a few, a ton of them. Was tired and my legs were killing me, but had no choice but to get to the next town so I moved ahead.

Got into the small town called Cusseta and located a small church. So I headed over and stopped for the night, well was awoken about 9ish by the local law. They didn't really give me much hassle, but also let me know that Florida is AWAITING and calling me and it would be best to answer that call. So lucky there is a library right next door, so here I am. It's a small one but a nice one at that and to the people of this small city, it's all they have. So much love to all the Library's around this country. Well It's getting darker outside so I better bring this update to a end. Will find a place to take shelter for a few hours till the storm passes then get to a town that I can take shelter for a day. Has to be out of this county, don't feel like dealing with the local sheriffs again.

until next time... peace

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not much happening

Well I'm making my way through Columbus, GA. Stopped at the Barnes and Noble to do a update, then I will be out of town by nightfall. Not much to speak of that happen, ended up going to a A.M.E. this morning. Enjoyed myself and the people were quite nice and made me feel at home. Thanks for the thoughts and help. But last night, stopped at MC. Donald's to grab a bite to snack on and some coffee. Chatted with a off duty sheriff for a hour or so, then looked for a place to rest for the night. Tried to make a phone call, but the pay phone I found, well the headset was not working well and nobody could here he talk. So was going to stop and rest at this place, but there were to many dogs and they wouldn't shut up. So didn't want any hassle with someone calling the police so I headed on down a bit, thats when I found the A.M.E. church

So not much to update, so I will post this and head on out of the city...

until next time... peace

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it is what it is

Made it Columbus, GA. What a day it was, well thats speaking of yesterday. So as I left the Hampton Inn I was able to get in some good miles, but had Pine Mountain to tackle. Not that big of a problem but one no matter what. Thanks for the ladies at the front desk that packed me a nice snack bag. So got into Pine Mountain and visited the light festive thing going on, but couldn't take my bike on it so passed the main one. But meet a nice gentleman in the town Gary, he owns a log home building company. We shared alot of things in common. So was a good talk, he told me about a church that I could camp the night at. So he helped me out a bit, thanks.

But I think I went to the wrong church, so I found this one called Mountain Shadows Community Church. Well I saw that there was a few cars there, so I walked up to the door and knocked.. well here is the email I sent them on their website...

To whom it may concern,

This is the gentleman that came to your church Friday night. I went up to the church and knocked. The door was opened and I had ASKED if it would be alright to rest and sleep the night. I told the 2 ladies and the young man what I was doing. They had said no problem, I told them if it was a problem that I could go down the road. They had SAID no, I don't think it will be a problem. So I parked my bike and got relaxed for the night, then all of a sudden I see a sheriff car pull up. I stood up and he came over to me and told me that I was trespassing. That I was to leave. You know it really upset me, if you all didn't want me to be there, you could of just said so. But NO you gave a traveler the false hope of a safe place to stay for the night, then you called the law on me to have me removed. I guess I know what Jesus had went through. You could of just said No or made up some excuse of why you didn't want me there. But you didn't.

To be honest as this Sunday comes and you have service, I do hope you ask god for forgiveness. What you did was beyond anything I could imagine a church would do. But don't worry the church down the road Kings Pasture had no problem letting me stay there, they even made me a nice breakfast.

I guess I could write forever, but the bottom line is what you did... there was no excuse for it. If someone wants to talk to me, you don't have to. But am going to be traveling down US27 south. I am in Columbus right now. Going to stay the night and attend service at some church. The ones that did call the law on me, shame on you.. ALL you had to do was ask me to leave. I'm on a 2 month journey across the country and writing a book about it. Just needed a place to rest so I didn't get killed by the drivers that were acting crazy along US27

Best regards
Don Walden

job 31

but no stranger had to spend the night in the street, for my door was always open to the traveler--

So after the one sheriff searched my bag on the bike and a hour or so passed. The younger guy called his brother and he pointed me to a place I could rest. But thats life and to be honest was so surreal, and kinda funny right about now. They did make me a nice big plate of BACON and biscuits for breakfast. I do love me some bacon and let me tell you there was alot. But such is life.

Got back onto US27 and headed south... meet a nice guy along the way. He had stopped and we chatted a bit, he's going to be biking the 2175 Mile Appalachian Trail. He showed me a nice magic trick that was a nice blend of what my thoughts about what I'm doing. He helped me out a bit also. Now I'm in Columbus now, did stop at the first nice rest area, a little strip mall. A gas station, a store and a Bar and grill. So the one bartender saw me and told me to come in and sit awhile. So had a drink, got into a nice conversation with a young couple at the bar, was a nice one and we chatted for about a hour or so. She had left but came back about 20 minutes later with a excellent dinner. Much love, always enjoy a home cooked meal.

So now I think I will find a place to camp, I'm just on the edge on the main part of town and don't want to venture into town with my bike. Since I didn't want to buy CRACK from the other guys.. I don't think I want to buy some from anyone in town. Will pass along the town in the morning and see what happens.

Well I'm going to take off now, going to grab a cup of coffee and figure out what to do.

until next time... peace

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go around me or run me over

Hello world... Well I'm just outside La Grange, GA. It's been a few days since I was able to give a update, and this one will probably be short. I am at the Hampton Inn and don't know how long I will be able to be here. I asked if I could use the wireless and they said no problem, but don't want to wear out my welcome. Going to try to see if I can get some free breakfast and coffee.

Well as I left Buchanan, I grabbed my clothes after the library. Carla was quite the gracious host, she made sure I had some extra stuff before I took off. Thanks for the water, personal stuff and cards. So I made it out of the city. So I'm heading down US27 and my cart didn't seem quite right, so I pulled over and had a look and low and behold had a crack on the other side of my cart. So it looked like it would hold till I got into town. So found a place to camp for the night and then headed over to Perpetual Motion Bike shop and meet Allen. So I took all my stuff out of the cart and proceeded to take the cart apart. Thanks to Allen for drilling some holes in the pipe and steel. We chatted for a bit, told me a short cut to get back onto US27 well not so much a short cut, but bypass some of the town traffic. Then told me if something happens within a 60 mile or so range, just to give him a call and he will come and help me. That was quite nice of him. Then he gave me some words of wisdom that I kinda forgot as the trip has gone on. Don't worry about the traffic, they can go around you. Well a unspoken moto of a cyclist is "They can go around you, or they can run over you." That is their 2 choices don't make them have you make the choice of moving over. So as I got back onto US27 took to the road and held my own. A few people honked their horns and yelled at me but they have 2 lanes so tough. So I got my second wind, well physically but mentally I feel like I'm losing my mind.

Got in some good miles about 38. Ran into a sheriff and he asked me for my ID, told him that its lost some where back in Kentucky. So he took my name and DOB and ran me. He came back and said there was no record of me, then thought to myself now what. I figured he would take me in to run my prints, but knew that he wouldn't. I'm not doing anything wrong and that would be harassment. So I told him that I'm going down US27 and you can find me, since I'm on a bike can't really put up a high speed chase. So I went on my way.

I ended up stopping at this Church on Wed. had some food and attended service. Found this one to be the most upsetting. Holy Ground Baptist Church. I will comment on that in my post tomorrow. But just to be quick, felt the whole service was dedicated at attacking Liberals and as one that consider myself a Liberal. Well to be honest JESUS was a Liberal. But just cause we as liberal respect ALL FAITHS is no reason to blame the country's ills right now on us. Just remember it was the Conservatives that controlled the country for the last 8 years or so, and it was a conservative that was in office when 9/11 happen, the housing market problems, financial problems, poverty has increased... and I could go on for hours. But if anyone from the church is reading this. We liberal respect all faiths. BUT ITS is the Conservatives/Republicans that call you behind closed doors a bunch of WACKOS. But they love your money and your votes, so they pander to you.. TIME and TIME again. But they really don't align with what you want done. Ask yourselves, when was the last time a conservative did anything that promoted your issues, NOT one. Even Regan campaigned on pushing as agenda that got the Christian votes, but once in power didn't do a thing. So the bottom line is Liberal = Respect all Faiths :: Conservative = Respecting NO religion (Just think of you as psycho/wacko).

So got into La Grange about 6ish last night, stopped off and grabbed a bite to eat at Burger King. Didn't feel like stopping to heat up something, plus there was really no place to stop. So didn't really feel good about the town, so wanted to find a place to camp then head to the Library in the morning. As I kept biking, didn't really find a place. As I'm getting on the edge of town went down crack street. So its about 9 at night and as I'm biking down the street about 7 nice gentleman came towards me and wanted to know If I wanted to buy any dope/crack. So I stopped and talked to them for a few minutes. Told them na.. could you just see me trying to ride this thing High. So I figured the worst thing I could do is seem scared and having fear, so I stopped. Then got back on my bike and decided that this area is not something that I should hang around in. Let me tell you those last 4 miles or so, seemed like a breeze hills and all. Just focused on getting the hell out of dodge. So now I'm around US27 & I85, going to try to get to Pine Mountain today then tomorrow night be in Columbus, GA. Will probably rest on Sunday, depending on how the traffic is. Don't know how its going to be with everyone heading back home from the holiday. We will see....

until next time... peace

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